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As you may have guessed from our strange spelling, UnHerd aims to do two things: to push back against the herd mentality with new and bold thinking, and to provide a platform for otherwise unheard ideas, people and places.

We think this approach is more needed than ever. Societies across the West are divided and stuck, and the established media is struggling to make sense of what’s happening. The governing ideologies of the past generation are too often either unquestioningly defended or rejected wholesale.

It’s easy and safe to be in one or other of these two camps – defensive liberal or angry reactionary - but UnHerd is trying to do something different, and harder.

We want to be bold enough to identify those things that have been lost, as well as gained, by the liberal world order of the past thirty years; but we strive to be always thoughtful rather than divisive.

We are not aligned with any political party, and the writers and ideas we are interested in come from both left and right traditions. But we instinctively believe that the way forward will be found through a shift of emphasis: towards community not just individualism, towards responsibilities as well as Rights, and towards meaning and virtue over shallow materialism.

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Gaston Alamachère

30.10.2017 13:06

Bonjour, observez vous comme Emmanuel Todd que les migrants arrivant sur un territoire abandonnent leur substrat culturel pour adopter celui de la population d'accueil qui se perpétue tranquillement?


28.10.2017 20:29

Connaissez-vous Emmanuel Todd? un autre démographe de l'INED qui vient de prendre sa retraite.


30.10.2017 11:55

Nous avons à peu près le même âge et étions voisins à l'Ined.

Derniers commentaires

28.11 | 10:40

À mon avis à la Doc de l'Ined sur le campus Condorcet ou à la BNF

27.11 | 23:14

Cette période de baisse étant due à la crise de 1929 (avec des effets sur l'emploi à partir de 1932) et à la 2e guerre mondiale.

27.11 | 23:13

Selon l'INSEE, la part des immigrés et des enfants d'immigrés augmente en France depuis 1911 (2,7%) jusqu'en 2021 (10,6%).
La seule période de baisse a été de 1931 à 1946.

27.11 | 22:57


Où peut-on lire l'étude sur Crulai?

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